Consumer Products

The inspection & testing of consumer products is a major part of GeoChem’s world-wide services. We offer a full range of services to importers, wholesalers, mail order companies and retailers. GeoChem will help safeguard your goods and your reputation by below primary functions:

Verification of consignment, items / equipment against the specification, technical drawings and other relevant documents / standards. Check the workmanship and finish of the items / equipment, Dimensional checks. Verify manufacturers test reports for raw materials or if required, witness the testing of the raw materials. Check the packing, pallet size, shipping marks against instructions specified in the Purchase Order and approve / stamp the supplies for shipment and also verify the quantity of supplies ready in all respects for shipment.

Review the Production of manufacture / supplier, report and compare it to the level of production at the time of inspection. Check the raw material in place to ensure that arrangement have been made to meet the orders placed. Verification of quality control system, adherence to BIS / ISO or domestic standards. Report any damages and or non-optimum aspects observed and advise on remedial action. Details of skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled workers, including qualification of key staff. Verification of industrial licenses, factory lay out, working environment, safety, ventilation and pollution control system and non-utilization of child labor.
Provision of inspection services at the manufacturing site, Inspection, observe and report the various process of the manufacturer, observe and report the various document to substantiate the standard operating procedures of the plant are in compliance with their quality control system. Observe and report the total strength of the workforce employed in various categories Observe and report the various QA tools used in the quality control.

Inspect and report the general appearance of the cargo and mode of packaging compliance with the contract requirements.
Inspect the packaging instructions being followed by the shipper.
Provision of inspection services during the loading at the port or manufacturer site.

Confirm the items inspected quantity are matching with the purchase order of the client.Generated detailed report on the damages or any visible change in the visual characteristics of the consignment. Inspect, confirm and report the visual dimensions of the consignment is in accordance with the specification provided in the Purchase order. Special request of field observation if nominated by the client to be specified during the nomination of the job. Detailed inspection report with photographs of the goods in storage or any damage or defects observed during the inspection shall be notified.


Geo-Chem can assist in evaluating the manufacturer’s production capability, machinery, management and quality control systems. This will ensure to fulfill the supplier/contact contract requirements with respect to quality, capability, delivery and product specifications.


Geo-Chem provides a comprehensive social compliance audit which is designed specifically for the company’s Codes of Conduct or against regulations or standards developed by local governments, and NGOs etc. These Codes of Conduct are usually addressing labor’s compensation, working hours, child labor, forced labor, discrimination, harassment, environmental issues and workplace health and safety issue.


  • Physical inspection
  • Valuation of goods for payable duties and taxes
  • Documentary review
  • Training and capacity building
  • Container inspection and sealing
  • Certification of final documents
  • Regular reporting process
  • Tariff classification