On Hire/ Off Hire Inspection

It is important to inspect the vessels on/off-hire to learn about the condition of the vessels before and after the delivery / re-delivery of the same. There are times when disputes occur between ship-owners and charterers due to the damages where neither party can confirm when the damages happened. This is where our on/off-hire inspection services come into play. Leveraging our thorough inspections and assessments of the vessels, we create comprehensive reports regarding the damages before and after the delivery of the vessels. It helps greatly in mitigating the disputes arising between the ship-owners and charterers. This service will not only help them create a harmonious relationship between them but also ensure future businesses as well.

A bunker survey is required in order to calculate the exact amount of bunkers on board at the time of vessel’s delivery/re-delivery. The vessel is delivered by the owner to the charterer, in case of On-Hire. At this time, usually, the Master issues a Delivery Certificates stating the place, time, parties involved and total amount of bunkers on board. In case of redelivery, the vessel is redelivered by the charterer to the owner by the end of the chartering (Off Hire), when it is issued the “Re-delivery Certificate”.

Having carried out numerous on/off-hire vessel inspection projects, we have a crew of highly experienced, trained and skilled professionals that can carry out your requirements in the least possible time. We also use various technology-driven systems and techniques to make sure that the project is carried out with top-notch quality and adherence to the specifications of our clients. As a client-centered on/off-hire inspection services provider, we have panned out all our services as per the exact needs and expectations of our clients. This is one of the major reasons why we are able to support our clients with utmost quality and service.

We also follow the established standards and benchmarks in the field while delivering our inspection services. This helps us guarantee that the inspection service are carried out as per the requirements and guidelines established by various statutory bodies. Regardless of the size and scope of the projects, we can carry out the services with impeccable quality that is far above the levels expected by all our patrons. This is also the major reason we have such a long clientele list.

The Surveyor carries out sounding of all bunkers tanks and performs corrections of soundings to vessel’s trim and heel to find out the volume in the tanks. Corrections are applied for temperatures and specific gravity, in order to determine the actual quantity of bunkers on board at the time/place of survey. The Surveyor checks vessel’s consumption, as per perusal of engine log book and chartering details, Lubes and Fresh Water to establish the amount of bunkers remaining on board at Delivery/Redelivery time.