Weighing Scales

Geochem is specialized in Weighing Scale Calibration services. Our laboratory is ready to handle even the most difficult problems of our customers.

Geochem offers a professional Scale and Balance Calibration Service at customer premises.

We have capability to calibrate equipment from 1mg up to 200 kg using calibrated reference weights.


Scales and balances are used by all types of businesses, including pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing, shipping and others, to compare the mass of two different objects or to measure weight.

Calibration is a routine requirement for many business applications where measurement accuracy is critical to ensuring that the output of these instruments is meeting expectations for quality.

Industrial Scale Calibration and Balance Calibration services will let you know if your equipment is reporting precise measures and weights when in use.

Calibration compares the output of the equipment against a standard value. Scales and balances need to be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure that they will continue to provide accurate readings over time.


The following are ISO 17025 services we can offer:

Analytical Balances Calibration
Industrial Scales Calibration
Microbalance Calibration
Moisture Balances Calibration
Portable Balances Calibration
Pocket Balances Calibration
Toploading Balances Calibration