Our inspection services are diverse in range and highly satisfactory in delivery quality. With a streamlined process, our inspectors will allow you to authenticate your product specifications, assure materials safety, and enhance project achievements.

As your partner ISO 17025 certified inspections laboratory, we help you eliminate the risk of product defects by meeting consumer and industry expectations as well as current regulatory requirements.

Why GeoChem ?

In our constant efforts to deliver our clients with the best services at economical rates, we have hired some of the best professionals in the field after a thorough vetting process. This recruitment process has helped us ensure that we endow our teams with highly qualified, experienced and expert professionals who can support the inspection service requirements of the clients at all times. In addition, we also have a proactive approach with our clients where we learn about the requirements and specifications of the clients before setting up the strategy for the execution of the services. With a unique combination of quality, expertise and client-centeredness, we have been offering exceptional services to our clients unfailingly.