Lube Oil OCM

We at Geo Chem offer Oil Condition Monitoring based on four maintenance philosophies in consultation with renowned tribologists.

  • Break down maintenance - helps to find out cause of system failure
  • Preventive maintenance - helps to eliminate the cause of system failure
  • Predictive maintenance - helps to determine planned preventive maintenance
  • Proactive maintenance - Looks at root cause of certain common failures in industrial equipments.



Everybody makes use of oil and gas everyday. Oil is used to power all types of engines including those of cars, buses, trucks, ships and aircrafts. Lubricant analysis is a wide field involves area stated to benefit the lubricant manufacturer and the respective end users.

Depending upon the application, fluid, gel and solid forms of lubricants are available and lubricating oils are formulated with base oils refined from crude oil in majority compared to the expensive synthetic base oils. Appropriate chemical compounds and polymers are added to the base oils, to achieve the desired fluidity, dispersancy, detergency, antiwear, anticorrossion, antifoamant and antioxidant characteristics

The fundamentals of lubrication is to minimize the surface-to- surface contact of moving metallic parts by providing a thin film coating of the lube oil, the machine should operate with little friction and not much wear. The advancement of lube oil technology warrants clean system and long life of lubricant in service having necessitated, a programme must be in place to monitor the trend of the oil in service and the system. Scheduled oil sampling and specified test parameters must apply to evaluate the trend.



  • Our OCM helps you to Our OCM will show :

    Reduce operating costs

    Optimize maintenance levels

    Extended oil drain periods

    Eliminate unscheduled engine shut downs

      • Contamination
        Airborne Dust
        Other lubricants
      • Engine malfunctions
        Faulty fuel injectors and pumps
        Ineffective fuel, air and oil filters
        Defective scavenge air blowers and turbo chargers
        Parts wear and corrosion
        Coolant leaks
        Overheated piston
    • Oil deterioration
      Oxidation due to over heating and contamination
      Additive depletion


We provide assistance: We provide: :

In identifying critical piece of machinery

In creating correct sampling frequency

In identifying correct sampling point

Educate the sampling employees

Specially design sample bottles

Full flagged sample labels incorporating all details

Sample collection from any where in U.A.E

Oil analysis report with graphical presentation of last five results trend ( see sample)

Web based reporting system