Dry Cargo Inspection

With a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals, Geo Chem can carry out extensive projects that involve dry cargo inspection and assessment. As we carry out our assessments as per the quality standards and inspection guidelines that are already established, we are able to ensure our clients with top-notch and effective service deliverance every time. With the help of our thorough inspection services and reports driven from the findings of the inspections, all our clients can ensure that the products they are getting meet the expected quality levels, are of agreed specifications and in adequate quantity as requested. Our services wards off any scope for misunderstanding and business miscommunications.

There is no doubt that inspection, sampling and accurate monitoring of cargos—of all types—are essential to make sure that there is fair-trade between all parties involved. Since quantity, quality and adherence to the requirements of the buyer are the most important aspects of creating fair-trade, cargo trade inspection services provided by Geo Chem Middle-East are highly preferred by clients from around the world. Our experience and expertise in the field helps us deliver top-notch and expansive cargo inspection services that ensure fair-trade between all the traders and sellers included in a transaction.

In a global marketplace where illicit cross border trade is still thriving, supply chain security has never been more crucial. Customs need to prevent illegal transport of drugs, arms, other illegal goods and migrants. Cargo Scanning plays a critical part in the non-intrusive inspection of import, export and security controls. When combined with effective profiling methods, non-intrusive scanners can greatly improve the Customs and Security functions by screening cargo flows at both sea and land borders.

Geochem staff’s involved in the inspections of ships, barges, trains, etc ensure that the condition of the carrier is suitable for the shipment of your cargo.  We identify any problems that might affect the cargo during shipment and ensure they are addressed before it is too late.  Our inspectors also represent you during loading and unloading. They also conduct inspections of various cargoes and do visual inspections to verify that the cargo being shipped is as described on the order form.

Geochem Supply Chain Security solutions offer complete or bespoke packages to assist with the implementation of such programmes and we have extensive experience in all aspects of cargo scanning including:

·       Selection, operation and maintenance of non-intrusive cargo screening and associated equipment.

·       Design and build of scanning facilities

·       Selection, recruitment and training of staff

·       Training and monitoring of image interpreters

Being a highly experienced and expert service provider when it comes to dry cargo inspection services, we have developed our own unique quality assurance and inspection systems which help us always live up to the expectations of the clients and exceed them at all times. Our systems and inspection techniques follow the TIC (formerly IFIA) Compliance codes and program. As a client-centric company, we leverage the competence and skills of our workforce to deliver all of our clients with top-notch and professional services with every project they require our assistance with. As we use state-of-the-art technologies and systems to carry our projects, we keep our clients in the loop of communication constantly to update them with the progress and the reports we come up with after the inspection.