Noise Dosimetry and Indoor area Noise Monitoring

‘Noise at work’ regulations apply where work activities expose people at work to high levels of noise from the machineries/processes.

Both personal noise and area noise monitoring involves taking measurements in the workplace by Geochem noise experts to assess the risk to hearing of employees whose work is liable to expose them to noise at, or above, a lower exposure action level, and to determine their exposure.

Personal noise exposure represents a daily noise ‘dose’ for the various sources that a person is exposed to in a working day to which workers are exposed.

Area noise exposure is the measurement of noise from the selected areas in the workplace to assess the impact of noise on the worker.

Geochem use the latest calibrated noise dosimeters and sound level meters, able to measure octave bands, to accurately measure noise at fixed points or areas where operators would typically work. The technical report provided will identify areas for noise sources and its measurements using colour codes and a noise control plan, if necessary.