Bunker Inspection

Do you need a professional, experienced and skilled team for bunker inspection; you have us —Geo Chem is one of the best inspection company in the World. With our presence in world’s second largest bunkering facility, Fujairah, we offer impeccable and top-notch bunker inspection services to vessels of varying sizes and specifications. We also have global presence in other nations across the world offering bunker inspection services. In addition, our partner organizations leverage the expertise, competence and experience of our bunker inspection teams to meet their requirements around the world. With extensive experience of working with diverse clients around the world, we are pioneer in offering bunker inspection services at top-notch quality and economic service rates.

Over the years, we have carried out numerous bunker inspection projects that have helped us ensure constant support to all our clients. As a quality-conscious and client-centered company, we often go out of the ways to carry out our services on time adhering to all the specifications and expectations of the clients at all times. Our well qualified staff’s having worked in the field for years now, know the nuances and challenges of the trade. This know-how in the field has helped us creates effective and efficient systems to support in our service deliverance. As a result, the services that we deliver always live up to the clients’ requirements and expectations.

When buying marine fuel, you need to be sure of its quantity and quality. We provide ship bunker fuel inspection testing and inspection services to help ensure the quality and quantity of delivered fuels during bunkering meet the specifications. Our testing protocols are in full conformity with ISO 8217 specifications. Fuel quality analysis can include the basic ISO 8217 slate but may also be extended to include additional tests, including fuel compatibility and blending assessments. Our experts will help you to avoid costly engine and fuel system problems caused by mixing incompatible fuels. Incompatible fuels blended together can cause precipitates, filter plugging and other major issues. 

On receipt of samples at Geochem Lab, testing and reporting is complete within 24 hours. Detailed reports of analysis with full technical comments are advised to the clients on the quality of the fuel received and in the event of any parameters being off specification, necessary recommendations are advised for corrective treatment and fuel handling.

A veteran company, we approach each project differently as the expectations and needs of the clients change from one to another. Hence, we have a customized project deliverance system to cater to the varying needs of the clients no matter how extensive or limited these are. This client-specific, project-centered service approach is what helped us become one of the best in the business when it comes to bunker inspection services. We also have leverage to latest technologies and systems to create accurate reports and share the same with our clients.