Transformer Oil

For many years, dissolved gas analysis and fluid quality testing have been used as diagnostic tools for transformers. By far, the most widely accepted standards for transformer fluid testing and interpretation in the last decade have been the 1991 revision of the IEEE guides, C57.104 and C57.106. Analytical Services has used the knowledge gained from the application of these guides as a foundation for the development of enhanced diagnostics. In particular, the diagnostic enhancements that include:

  • Expanding the number of fluid assessment tests
  • Updating pass/fail fluid assessment limits for newer maintenance philosophies
  • Trending the relationships for fluid data
  • Analyzing the relationships between fluid and gas data
  • Trending gas-in-oil data beyond two tests
  • Relating gas-in-oil data to phenomena in the transformer
  • Assessing solid insulation condition
  • Considering the relationship of these data to operation, system events, or maintenance activities