Agricultural Products

Geo Chem Middle East provides complete service offering for the cereals, grains and spices industry, including testing for products containing some; consulting on the development of new products; and providing advice on labeling and other regulations.


Food contaminants and residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs in the food supply represent a growing health concern for consumers around the world. That is why we provide analytical testing services to ensure the quality of your products against a full spectrum of food contaminants. Our testing centers of excellence employ approved methods for the detection of contaminants including pesticides, mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, heavy metals and radioactive substances. We also provide specialized services for allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

We utilize a range of advanced analytical tools and methods for quantitative analysis of contaminants and residues: LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS triple quadruple, UHPLC/DAD/FLD  for fast and accurate results. Allergen Testing-Food allergies and intolerances are a major public health concern for affected consumers, manufacturers and public health authorities. Although they affect only a small portion of our population, the health implications can be serious and immediate. This is the reason why FDA requires food products with allergenic ingredients to be labeled. GMO Testing-A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Many countries around the world have enacted laws to restrict the levels of GMOs in food products.

Our Product Testing Capability Our Product Testing Capability

Cereals and Pulses Whole and Ground (Rice, Wheat, Moongdal. Toor Dal, Masoor Dal, Masoor Whole, Chick Peas, Pegion Peas)

Total Ash
Test Weight
Shrivelled/Shrunken, Broken ( 2mm sieve)
Insect / Weevilled Damaged
Damaged and Discoloured
Foreign Matter / Admixture
Other Food/ Edible grains
Refractions as other than foreign matter
Broken (Rice)
Red-Streaked Kernels
Immature Kernels
Glutanious Rice
Yellow kernels
Moisture / Water
Protein on as is basis / Protein dry basis / Total Protein
Gluten Dry Wet basis
Gluten, Wet basis
Gluten, Dry basis
Ash / Total Ash /Total Ash (Dry basis)
Alcoholic Acidity/ Acidity/Alcoholic acidity (as H2SO4) in 90% Alcohol / Granularity
Acid Insoluble ash / Acid Insoluble ash (dry basis) / Ash Insoluble in dil. HCl
Detection of Kesari Dal
Presence of Talc
Starch contents
Crude Fibre
Condition / Form / colour / Foreign matter
Sedimentation Value


Whole spices and condiments (Chilly, Turmeric, Pepper, Cumin, Aniseed)

Freedom from mould and insects
Extraneous matter / Inorganic foreign matter / Organic foreign matter / Foreign matter
Size of Rhiozome / Defective Rhiozome
Very light pieces
Light berries / light Seeds
Damaged Discoloured & Weevilled seeds & Foreign seeds / Black bored & insect seeds
Shrivelled & Immature seeds
Edible Seeds
Empty and malformed capsules
Blacks & Splits
Unclipped capsule (Cardamom)
Pieces & Percentage of bulbs
Loose Seeds
Broken chillies
Damaged & Discoloured pods (Chilly)
Pods without Stalks (Chilly)
Size in diameter / Size
Colour (Cardmom)
Colour chilly
Weight in G / L
Flexibility surface & Presence of chromate
Lime as CaO
Total Ash
Acid Insoluble ash
Non -Volatile ether extract
Crude Fibre
Volatile oil content
Curcumin Content
Piperine content
Hot water extract
Sudan I, II, III, IV

Oil Seeds & By products
(Sesame seed,Niger seed, Mustard seed, Cottonseed,Rapeseed)

Damaged & Weevilled seeds / Kernels
Slightly damaged seeds / Kernels
Shrivelled & immature and dark seeds / Kernels
Split or cracked seeds / Split & broken kernels
Count per ounce
Number of Kernels Per 25 gm of material
Moisture content
Oil content
Acid value of extracted oil
Hull content
Allyl Isothyocyanate

 Soyabean Meal, Maize Gluten Meal Rapeseed Meal,
Sunflower Meal and all oil cakes

Crude Protein
Crude Fibre
Urease activity
Fat Content / Crude Fat
Acid insoluble ash
Ally iso thiocyanate
Protein Dispersibility Index
Nitrogen Solubility Index




Sugar and by Products (Refined sugar, Raw sugar, Mollasses)

Chemical testing in the products
Density in degrees Brix at 27.5°C
Polarization Value
Icumsa colour
Total Ash
Grain Size
Ash, Sulphated ash
Total reducing matter, as invert sugar

Animal Feeds Fish Meal, Meat Meal as live stock ingredient and all other type of animal products.

Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Acid insoluble ash
Chlorine (as NaCl)
Total solid